Our Mission
Is to provide good drinking water for the military, relief agencies, civil defense, expeditionary teams of rural areas, contractors who have seashore projects, Natural and man made disaster management teams, & war displaced people.


Dear Customer,
With regards to mobile water purifiers, our activity in this field began in 1997 when we selected a team of experienced technicians and designers who used to work for large suppliers of this equipment and set-up a small factory for the assembly of water purification equipment. Soon, we realized the need to be specialized in a certain aspect in our design and construction efforts. We are now, proudly, and after two years of intense work, the only manufacturers and designers of mobile water purification in the Middle East. We have left the commercial and industrial aspects of this industry to the others and directed our minds for mobility. The Middle East has been undergoing several geological and metrological changes in the last few years, which seems to be a new challenge facing this part of the world. At AB Projects we are trying to face up to that challenge. All of our equipments are designed for emergency applications, which translate into the simplicity to operate the systems at hand, the low running cost involved, and the rapidness in the deployment of such equipment. Since 1997, we have built several models of our M.R.O.U s, which can handle different capacities. We can design and build equipment that can produce up to 40,000 liters of drinking water per hour from brackish water sources and up to 30,000 liters of drinking water from a seawater source. We would be more than glad to conduct a demonstration of our units to you at any agreeable time and requested pre-scheduled location that we as manufacturers can reach in order for you to understand fully the operation of our equipment prior to purchase.

For AB Projects Limited,
Ahmed Al-Abdeen Technical Director
On the 28th of September 2000.

Our Products

Strength, mobility, rapid deployment, simple operation, no external power requirement, on spot internal cleaning, simple maintenance, long service life, minimum production cost per liter, minimum training, & provide more than water when you can! ..... more>>


Furat 350

A mobile water purifier with an output of 350 liters per hour. This unit is slightly larger than the Uruk Emergency and includes chemical dosing in the purification process. this unit is available in seawater and brackish water versions. The Furat is the most popular choice with our customers as it gives a considerably good amount of drinking water without sacrificing compactness. ..... more>>


The Uruk emergency is a small compact mobile R.O. unit designed to be towed by any 4x4 vehicle. The Uruk's mechanical power supply comes from a diesel engine while the electric supply is generated from within the unit. This allows the Uruk emergency to be deployed & operated in remote areas & without the need for an external power supply... more>>


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