Customer Support & Maintenance

As part of our customer support plan, AB Projects Limited also undertakes the responsibility of supporting it's customers by maintaining thier units periodically. This can be done by sending a maintenance team to the region where our units operate in, based on a pre-planned schedule, and contract. We also welcome our units back at our factory for in-house maintenance and modification. Information on these services are available upon request.

Designing & building of units with customized requirements

The technical department of AB Projects is capable of designing customized water purification units which can be modifications of current units in our product range or units which are totally different in capacity or nature. Although this service requires a longer delivery time of the units as they are not standard equipment of our range, our engineers and designers enjoy this service, as it opens new doors in solving different problems people have with water. Please address our technical department in your correspondence for further information on this service.

Furat 350

A mobile water purifier with an output of 350 liters per hour. This unit is slightly larger than the Uruk Emergency and includes chemical dosing in the purification process. this unit is available in seawater and brackish water versions. The Furat is the most popular choice with our customers as it gives a considerably good amount of drinking water without sacrificing compactness. ..... more>>


The Uruk emergency is a small compact mobile R.O. unit designed to be towed by any 4x4 vehicle. The Uruk's mechanical power supply comes from a diesel engine while the electric supply is generated from within the unit. This allows the Uruk emergency to be deployed & operated in remote areas & without the need for an external power supply... more>>


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