AB Reltec offers cornices & balconies of different sizes & shapes in order to make things easier, quicker and less costly. You can select any of the items available & if different dimensions or designs are required, please contact our sales department & ask for special mould cases for a quick solution! ... details>>
Open up your imagination !

The AB Reltec mould system also provides the contractor with several shaped columns for decorative purposes over a large range of sections & diameters... details>>
AB Reltec, also undertakes the design of special moulds that you may require tailored or designed from scratch. Moulds are tested for different loads by our software even before production in order to be sure that the mould will serve it's purpose to the fullest. Even foundations can be incorporated by our design team in order to save time, cost and labour. details>>

The AB Reltec product range also offers standard columns in square & round shapes. Length can reach up to 8 meters in normal conditions & up to 12 meters high, in special cases. In diameter, the normal range is up to 1000mm. For square column sections, moulds can go up to 500X500mm.

Square moulds details>>
Round moulds details>>



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