AB Projects offers services to prepare our clients for a different future. We give you the technology that will change the prehistoric construction systems used. We offer consultancy services to meet the different needs of our clients. Our consultancy services are offered to all clients who need to use our product, mainly special shape moulds and columns. We define the needs of our clients & set a path for them that could give the best results possible. Special shaped moulds and columns need studying and load calculations before we can offer the required results. We are obliged to offer on-site training to every new client until they are satisfied and fully knowledgeable of the set-up process. It takes minutes for the columns to be ready and it takes just as much for training. However, as we deliver the best quality of moulds available, our training must also be of the same standards. We will offer the on-site training until both, the customer and us, are fully confident that the client belongs to this new technology.




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