Vinyl lined concrete walled pools, built with swim-crete concrete forming system, are assured to have more strength and durability than current traditional methods, utilizing the swim-crete Swimming Pool System you'll do more pool installation each year. Additional profit gain is guaranteed because you take the forms home when you're finished, not leaving them buried in someone's back yard! The advantages of Swim-crete Pool Systems are numerous:
you set, pour and strip in 24 hour No expensive pool kits
Integrated steps Over 100 different pool configurations.

The Swim-crete all-concrete pool system gives the pool installers another option ensuring faster and more efficient construction. Swim-crete's all –concrete pool system is designed utilizing a monolithic pouring process for the swimming pool floor and walls. These are the advantages:

The simplicity of the system enables unskilled labor to be easily trained.
Concrete forming equipments is virtually maintenance free.
Smooth concrete wall finish upon stripping of forms reduces plastering materials & finishing time.

The design flexibility allows a concrete pool dealer to also install concrete wall vinyl liner pools.

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