WTF is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminium forms for the concrete forming business. Founded in 1976, as a new US business venture, today producing and shipping over 100,000 concrete forms a year.

Three main principles guided the founders:

Produce the best quality and most labour friendly product.
Cutting costs for contractors by cancellation of timber, less labour and time
Provide it all at the lowest cost.

Adherence to these core principles over the years has resulted in an international recognition. WTF today is endorsed by US agencies such as OPIC, FEMA and USAID.WTF has now vastly expanded its international operations to bring affordable, high quality and rapidly constructed housing to currently over 40 nations outside the US in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

ABW FORMS covers all the requirements of construction in columns, walls, fences, beams, ceiling, stairs and even swimming pools for one floor homes to a multi level building.

Providing the contractor with the most suitable solution in construction, ABW Forms can save you time, money, labour and provide you with a cleaner construction site. It saves you on the number of labourers as the aluminium panel form units are very light and can be carried by 1 person only. It has never been faster and easier building homes. The basic installation procedure can provide you with a home in days only. This system has been used in luxury villas, multilevel buildings and villa complexes.

The basic parts of the ABW Forms system are aluminum panels of different sizes which are combined together creating a mould which is used in the required part of the structure.

Housing Systems
Walls & Fence
Post & Beams Systems
Swimming Pools
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