Al-Abdeen Investment, has just finalized it's production line upgrade to meet the increasing market demand for tomato paste in the middle east. The plant capacity was raised from 1.4 ton/hr to 3.2 ton/hr. and has started production with the new capacity on the 15th of april 2003. The plant upgrade will also include new products.
1959 Al-Abdeen International Co.Established as a supplier for building materials. (Steel,Cement,& Timber)
1961 Branches extended into the gulf ports to manage shipment of building material into our area using our vessels.
1965 Established three factories in Kuwait for prefabricated houses, mosaic & Iraqi dates.
1968 Established an oil well drilling factory in India.
1970 Branches of our company extended to the U.K., Holland and France to cover trading activities.
1982 Established our own stores at 300.000 m2 for storage of fertilizer material.
1985 Established a three star hotel in Paris under the name "Farmus Hotel"
1990 New activities in food products including powdered milk, tomato paste, juices, detergents, tea, and calcium.
1991 U.S agression in the Middle East seriously damaged or halted our activities for sometime. Since that year, we have been rebuilding our assets.
1992 Established a center in Jordan for live sheep & cattle with a capacity of 60,000 heads and facilities to export meat worldwide.
1992 Build 5,000 m2 stores for a wholesale carpet center project in Amman, Jordan.
1993 Build 3,000 m2 stores to store products for re-export to countries neighboring Jordan.
1996 We establish our new branch in the U.K. for the storage and distribution of the "Tomsea" product range.
1998 We establish our factory for filling and packing of Tomsea tomato paste in the "Sharjah airport free zone" in the United Arab Emirates.
1999 We shall build in the U.A.E. two other projects. Funds allocated for these new projects are estimated at 12 million $US.
2000 The creation of the AB Groupe which will be the mother company to supervise all the different establishments.
2001 The startup of the AB Reltec Concrete column mould factory in The United Arab Emirates.
2002 The Creation of AB Projects Ltd. which is a factory for the design and building of water purification units.
2003 AB Groupe is currently studying new projects for the region.


Tomsea Tomato Paste is a product that stands out from the others. The Cold break production method of our tomato paste ensures minimal loss of natural colour, taste and boilogical integrity, of the content. Fresh naturally grown tomatoes are the raw material of the concentration line. Salt, is included to act as a natural preservative. Finally the can's litography is of a very high quality, design, and colouring, which allows the customer's eye to destinguish the can from the others.



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