Al-Abdeen Investment, has just finalized it's production line upgrade to meet the increasing market demand for tomato paste in the middle east. The plant capacity was raised from 1.4 ton/hr to 3.2 ton/hr. and has started production with the new capacity on the 15th of april 2003. The plant upgrade will also include new products.
Tomsea Tomato paste is filled in four Standard can sizes, we can also carton and shrink the cans in a variety of special packs. With regards to carton sizes, shrink wrapped trays , and the numbers of cans in each packs, please select the can size of interest.

Al-Abdeen capable of filling in various concentrate levels ranging from a maximum of 30 Brix and down to 18 Brix for the canned food market. Al-Abdeen Inv. is also a supplier of triple concentrated tomato paste in 36/38 and 38/40 filled in aceptic bags.


Tomsea Tomato Paste is a product that stands out from the others. The Cold break production method of our tomato paste ensures minimal loss of natural colour, taste and boilogical integrity, of the content. Fresh naturally grown tomatoes are the raw material of the concentration line. Salt, is included to act as a natural preservative. Finally the can's litography is of a very high quality, design, and colouring, which allows the customer's eye to destinguish the can from the others.



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